Frequently Asked Questions


What is the flower in the Inn’s logo?
The Lady’s Slipper, a member of the orchid family, is PEI’s provincial flower. The Lady’s Slipper is a scarce and beautiful plant that grows in shady and moist woodlands, blooms in late May and June, and cannot be transplanted because it will rarely survive a change of habitat. We chose this emblem to represent our group because of its rare nature, distinctive qualities and ties to the Island – attributes shared by our members.

How are Inns selected for the Inns of Distinction group?
In order to maintain our standards of quality, Inns in our group undergo a vigorous application process involving written questionnaires and personal interviews. Every one of our Inns has met our standards and will provide you with an unparalleled level of service, fine food and excellent accommodations.

If the Inns all deliver a similar level of quality, why do the ratings vary among them?
PEI accommodations use the Canada Select rating system, a set of nationally accepted standards. Ratings measure a property’s facilities, services, quality and amenities. Because of the authentic historical nature of some of our Inns, they may choose not to include certain amenities such as wireless internet or private television viewing, which can impact this rating. However, each Inn’s commitment to quality service, personal attention and luxury hotel amenities such as private baths, mouth-watering fare and concierge service remains standard.

Frequently asked question about the Inns of Distinction