Kindred Spirits

There is something about Anne Shirley, from L.M. Montgomery’s first novel Anne of Green Gables, that makes it impossible not to love her instantly.  Having lived on Prince Edward Island for nearly seven years, I thought it was time I find out for myself what so many around the world have already discovered.  Now into book three, Anne of The Island, what I love most about Anne’s character is her ability to bring out the best in people.  Coincidentally, one of our member inns is quite connected to the setting for the novel series. Like Anne, innkeepers Dan and Becky James of Kindred Spirits Country Inn also know how to bring out the best in people and share their love for family, nature, peace, creativity, and imagination!

Kindred Spirits Country Inn began with the purchase of the former Links Inn in 1986 from Al and Sharon James.¬† The Inn continues in the James Family with its purchase by Dan and Becky James in 2012. ¬†The Inn is located in beautiful Cavendish -¬† just over the fence from Green Gables Heritage Place, the inspiration for the setting in L.M. Montgomery‚Äôs classic tale, and a short walk away from the breathtaking Cavendish Beach.¬† Surrounded by outstretched maples and manicured gardens, the cottages and rooms invite you to linger awhile as you enjoy the peace and beauty of the real ‚ÄėAvonlea‚Äô.

The name of The James Family property, ‚ÄėKindred Spirits‚Äô, comes from the first Anne of Green Gables story and is used to describe the closest of friends.¬† There is a lovely quote from the book that really sums up how they feel after a few years of innkeeping, ‚ÄúKindred spirits are not so scarce as I used to think. It’s splendid to find out there are so many of them in the world.‚ÄĚ ¬†Innkeeper Becky James shared this lovely story that exemplifies what the Inn is truly about and what makes the hospitality industry so intriguing for her and her husband Dan

‚ÄúLast summer we had two different families checking in at the front desk.¬† We were chatting with the first family and asked them where they were from.¬† They told us they were from New York City.¬† The couple behind them chimed in that that is where they were from too.¬† As they got talking, they realized they live just a few houses down from each other.¬† It took a trip to PEI to meet!‚ÄĚ

You could almost drop that scene directly into a L.M. Montgomery novel, don’t you think?

If you have never had the pleasure of visiting our beautiful Island, pick up one of L.M. Montgomery’s novels, with Anne Shirley as her main character, and let the words used to describe the Avonlea landscape take you away so that you may dream of one day seeing it for yourself.  Come and stay at Kindred Spirits to meander down Lover’s Lane at Green Gables and gaze down into the trickling brook, peek under the tall ferns for Lady’s Slipper flowers, or just enjoy the silence and beauty that surrounds you.  No matter the time of day, Lover’s Lane is beautiful morning, noon, and night.

If that is not enough for the imagination, take a 15 minute jaunt down what is known locally as Hamie‚Äôs Lane ‚Äď a beautiful trail where you will end up at the ocean, but not without passing baby goslings in the Lake of Shining Waters and breathing in the intoxicating natural woodlands and wild flowers – one can take forever to get to the ocean. However, you‚Äôll be surprised how quickly your pace increases once you catch a glimps of the deep blue of the Gulf and the inviting dunes!

Whatever brings you to PEI, Cavendish is a destination worth touring, so why not stay directly in the heart of the village.  Anne’s house is just over the fence from Kindred Spirits.  The nostalgic house , the beautiful Lover’s Lane, the Haunted Woods, and the Bubbling Brook are only moments away.  The beauty  of a childhood story, the oneness with nature, the wholesomeness of good times and family, and the remembrance of a simpler way are all embodied in the accommodations and activities of Kindred Spirits.

Do you have a favourite Anne scene or quote from the novel series?  Perhaps you have visited Green Gables Heritage Place and have a story to share.  Let your creativity flow and share with us today!

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