The Magic Of Travel

You often read or hear about the pastoral scenery on the Island, the breath-taking sunsets, the friendly people, the rugged red sand dunes and beaches, all the treasured seaglass, and so on.  Whatever part is precious to you, experiencing it firsthand is a time of magic that restores and uplifts us.  When the Inns of Distinction picnic basket arrived at the Cranford Inn, it had a little something magical in store for the innkeepers – the basket had been treated with such gracious hospitality throughout its Island journey that it was time to turn the tables and have the innkeepers experience the enchantment of the Island themselves.

For many years, co-owners Vicki Francis and Martha Jacobson have been experiencing their own magic in shaping the Cranford Inn from a typical 1940’s residential home into a truly elegant modern accommodation.  The Inn is designed to provide the comfort of a first-class hotel while maintaining the charm and personal touches of a great Prince Edward Island bed and breakfast.  Centrally located in historic Charlottetown, it is the perfect resting place and portal to everything you would want to experience while visiting the Island.

After a successful career as a Social Worker and Manager, Vicki, with her partner Martha, found the perfect location to create their idea of a contemporary inn that would appeal to tourists and business people alike.  Martha came to inn keeping after retiring from teaching.  With lots of useable people skills, a keen eye for decor, a love for the outdoor gardens, and a long time idea that she would like to run a B&B, the inn came into her life at just the right time – that magic moment!

After arriving and unbeknownst to Vicki and Martha, the picnic basket suddenly transformed into a magic basket and sent them on a staycation to experience the magic of the Island that they are surrounded by.  Sometimes, we can get so wrapped up in our own lives, family, work, and anything that we can use as an excuse not to focus on ourselves, we fail to recognize and enjoy the beauty and wonder immediately around us.

For its first trick, Vicki and Martha opened the basket to find out they were about to set out on a three day journey to play several golf courses across PEI!  As innkeepers, the summer months are precious and this magical gift was just the thing these two ladies needed to unwind and be able to gain first-hand experience to share with their guests.  PEI has spectacular golf courses, dotting the Island landscape from links to manicured fairways.  It is often easy to coordinate things for other people, but the innkeepers weren’t sure where to start with making their own golfing plans, but as they dug deeper into the magic basket they discovered a fabulous resource titled “The Easiest Golf Vacation You Will Ever Book”.  It was at this point that Vicki and Martha decided to take off their innkeeper hats and replace it with the hats provided in the basket, now identifying them as Island golfers.  They were all in and ready to golf!  But wait… just as they felt equipped and ready to golf, they found golf shoes, tees, balls, gloves, and putters to complete the trick.  The basket enjoyed watching the ladies golf over their three day excursion – sharing in much laughter, the beauty of friendship, scenic landscapes, and Island hospitality.

For its second trick, Vicki and Martha opened up the basket to find a meal prepared to the standards of royalty.  In all the adventures the basket has been on this summer with the various innkeepers (, being taken on a picnic and treating it holders like a king or a queen is its most favourite thing to do of all!  Vicki and Martha enjoyed a perfect day indulging in many delicious picnic delights prepared in the kitchen at the Cranford Inn.  The Inn is famous for its three course breakfasts, so the basket needed to make sure that nothing but the best was provided for its royal friends.

For its third and final trick, Vicki and Martha opened the basket to find they were spending the day at the beach!  PEI is well-known for its beaches.  With so many of the National Park beaches being within a 30 minute distance from the Inn, the two innkeepers couldn’t wait to spend a warm sunny day in the hot sand and cool waters of the Atlantic Ocean.  The basket was full of everything they needed for their day at the beach – allowing Vicki and Martha to thoroughly relax and soak up the sun.  After all, this was their last day of staycation and they were going to make it a day of calm, relaxation, and an opportunity to clear the mind before they found themselves back in the hustle and bustle of running a bed and breakfast.

Sometimes we get overwhelmed by all the to-do’s, the what if’s, and we forget to live in the moment.  That is the magic of travel – it slows us down, we live in the moment because we don’t want to miss a new discovery or anything as we pass by.  In a sense, our playful inner child emerges – anticipating with great excitement what’s around the next bend in the road.  Thanks to the magic basket, the innkeepers at the Cranford Inn are rejuvenated and ready to welcome their many guests.

Have you planned a specific vacation/ retreat to restore your spirit or taken a vacation and discovered along your journey that the vacation was much more than you anticipated it would be for examining your self?  Share with us your magical travel moments!

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