Firedance Your Way Into Tranquility

If there is one word that for many of us describes a vacation, it is tranquility – calmness, serenity, and freedom from the worries of day-to-day life.  Nestled on the bank of the West River in St. Catherines, PE, the picnic basket found such harmony at the Firedance Country Inn. The interpretation of the word tranquil is typically linked to the engagement with the natural environment – making the peaceful acreage the perfect setting for guests and the basket to relax in peace and quiet and enjoy the freedom from modern day distractions.

The opportunity to be a magic basket at the Cranford Inn was adventurous and exciting, but the basket definitely prefers to be a friend and guest at the inns it visits.  How can you resist being pampered at such luxurious Island inns and bed and breakfasts with such personal service and attention to detail – a standard of quality that all Inns of Distinction member inns maintain.

Over the years, innkeepers at the Firedance Country Inn have come to realize that the guests that arrive at their Inn are more than just strangers looking for accommodations while on vacation, they become friends looking for a destination, a place to relax, and a place to reunite.  New faces become a gathering of new friendships.  The basket took great enjoyment in welcoming guests and help them find their inner peace during its stay at the Inn.  Often the action of giving can warm and calm us inside like nothing else.

Over the period of time that the basket has been visiting our member inns, it has developed quite the basket full of finer foods, and Firedance Country Inn did not disappoint!  I don’t know about you, but I get excited about fresh produce and its endless possibilities – the texture, the colour, the variety.  Guests of the Firedance Country Inn get to experience this freshness when their country garden is in season.  It was a pleasure for the basket to offer guests every morning gourmet breakfast entrees and delights.  Remember, having its basket full of food is one of its most favourite things to do!  Sharing in the celebration of food and the company of the holders is also a great pleasure for the basket.

Any time of year you can enjoy this four season playground  where you can kayak, bicycle, hike, or snowshoe as soon as you walk out the back door.  There are numerous breathtaking riverfront views and rolling landscapes to take in no matter the type of activity or season you select.  Since the basket was there to unwind, it gravitated towards everything tranquil – finding its favourite spot alongside the pond.  The beauty and interest of this little piece of heaven and the relaxing, soothing soundscapes coming from it were particularly pleasing.  There is something peaceful about water, whether it be ponds, fountains, streams, rivers, lakes, or oceans.  They attract our attention and demand very little from us and allow our minds to freely wander and explore.  Water has been understood around the world as a primary element and building block of plant, animal and human life.  No wonder folks on the Island are full of hospitality and graciousness – they are surrounded by the ocean with beautiful bays, rivers and estuaries providing the enjoyment of water to the communities from tip-to-tip.

For many the chance to experience tranquility is what makes the countryside different from cities. You can find beauty in architecture, but there is something about the quiet of nature that allows us to reset our minds.  Firedance Country Inn’s central location provides an ideal base to spend your entire Island vacation with tranquility as you easily access all of Prince Edward Island’s Maritime spirit.  The picnic basket definitely left the Inn restored and with a new refreshed spirit – ready to continue its journey.  Be sure to follow our blog for continued adventures!

How often do you spend outside taking in the beauty of nature?  Do you have a favourite spot that you like to go to to rejuvenate your spirit?  Share with us your quiet space and story in finding this particular location and what it does for your body, mind, and spirit.  Perhaps you have even visited the Firedance Country Inn and you have a story or photograph to share from your visit.  Either way, we’d love to hear from you!

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