There’s No Place Like Home!

The picnic basket has been roaming all over the Island this summer, traveling from inn-to-inn quite comfortably as it is welcomed graciously by each innkeeper along the way.  It was most excited to be arriving at its next destination, the Briarcliffe Inn, as it was like coming home.  In our initial blog, we wrote about how the basket was discovered and started its Island journey.

Briarcliffe Inn turns 100 years old this year and the celebrations are about to begin on many levels.  The Inn has been many things over the years from a family dairy farm to wheat & potato production, to raising foxes and standardbred horses, to an  experimental farm for UPEI’s Agriculture Dept. in growing new grains.  For Bill and Mary Kendrick for the last 12 years it has been a warm & welcoming place to host guests from all over the world.  The Inn started its first 2014 celebration by welcoming new owners!

In June this year, Carrie and Malcolm became the new owners of the beautiful Briarcliffe Inn.  Former owners Bill and Mary Kendrick thoroughly enjoyed their years welcoming guests at the Inn and now have a new passion to offer all visitors to PEI – a connection to the Island and its people through Experience PEI. We wish Bill and Mary the best of luck and continued passion for their new endeavour.

Carrie is a Canadian from Ontario that started living abroad in 1998.  She moved first to Tel Aviv, Israel, and then to Brussels, Belgium.  She met Malcolm in Brussels, and from there they moved to Milton Keynes, England, where they lived for the past four years.   In England they had very busy and demanding jobs and decided that they wanted a change of lifestyle.  Carrie and Malcolm looked at purchasing a B&B in England, Scotland, and Wales, but just didn’t find the inn that captured their hearts.  Thus, Carrie asked her wonderful British husband if he would consider moving to Canada and he enthusiastically replied “YES!”

After much searching across all of Canada, they found the Briarcliffe Inn.  For Carrie it was love at first sight.  They visited in April, 2014, and looked at several other B&B properties for sale, but there was just something about the house and property that captured their hearts and creative spirit.

As Carrie and Malcolm are getting to know their new home, they felt it was appropriate to have the picnic basket tag along and discover (or in the basket’s case rediscover), the Briarcliffe Inn as well.  Few things will help you acclimate to your new home faster than learning where things are and familiarizing yourself with your new surroundings.

The picnic basket first met, Willy, Carrie and Malcolm’s beloved family pet.  Willy was awfully curious about the latest guest to the Inn, but the two soon became acquainted and comfortable friends.  Willy  took the basket to all the places he had discovered since he arrived at his new home and the basket shared with Willy some of the favourite haunts that it remembered when it called the Briarcliffe home. The basket remembered the woodpeckers that used to live in the old hollow tree on the property and the basket introduced Carrie, Malcolm, and Willy to its old feathered-friends.  The woodpeckers weren’t so sure about Willy, but they were certainly delighted to meet Carrie and Malcolm and were used to having Bill and Mary’s dogs sniffing around over the last several years.

Carrie and Malcolm hopped on their bicycles to show the basket the remainder of the property – taking in all of the beautiful, tranquil scenery and private beach at Salutation Cove.  They strolled the beach looking for driftwood and walking through warm pockets of salt water searching for that perfect seashell – with only the Blue Herons watching them.

Traveling can be a fun and adventurous time.  There are new places to explore and new friends to be made.  Planning your vacation can be stressful for people of any age whether they are experiencing their first or fiftieth vacation.  Even though there are a lot of things requiring your attention leading up to your departure, remember your vacation is  for you – to relax, enjoy, and freshen the spirit.

It is all about feeling like you are “home” at Briarcliffe Inn.  Have you had the pleasure of being a guest at the Inn?  Share with us your experience or view thoughts left by their guests.

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