History In A Basket

It was questionable whether or not the nice weather would fall upon our beautiful Island this year; the locals were referring to spring as “winter spring”.  Now that summer is only days away, the warmer weather is finally upon us and signs of summer are beginning to appear.

On one of our winterspring days one  of our innkeepers spent some quality time in her basement and came across the beautiful picnic basket seen in the photo and decided that she and her husband were going to begin incorporating the basket into the Inn’s everyday life – letting the basket tell its story.  I don’t know about you, but as soon as the nice weather approaches, I feel the need to go on a picnic.  The appeal of sitting on the warm sandy beaches or the lush green grasses accessible on PEI – well, I can’t get there fast enough!  Everyone, from little tots to senior citizens enjoys a picnic, though everyone’s idea of the perfect picnic might be a little different.  PEI is also steeped in traditional basket-making dating back to our native Mi’Kmaqs who shared the skill of basket-making with the Acadians.  Today, the Basket Weavers of PEI carry on this artful Island tradition and offer workshops for those who wish to continue the art of basket-making for future generations.

The history of picnicking has changed since medieval times, but one thing that remains the same is the spirit of adventure, discovery, and relaxation.  Our basket will journey to the most charming places, discover Island life and take some quirky adventures.  You may even obtain a recipe or two from some of the tasty treats inside!  We will be sharing the basket’s picnicking and other adventures on our blog , our tweets or our posts on Facebook.  Check-in frequently for all the delightful trips the basket will make around the Island.  Experience what our gentle Island and our inns and B&B’s have  to offer through the mystery of what is inside the basket and the  stories that will be shared.  After all, storytelling is one of our Island’s best known traditions.

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